Program Objectives for diploma in information technology

Duration: 3 years

The objective of Diploma in Information Technology (DAE CIT) is to produce Associate Engineers with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in engineering. Students will be able to:

  • Get technical skills to work professionally in many areas like computer hardware and software, network design, graphic design, application development and software engineering etc.
  • Develop team work, leadership and communication skills to effectively solve engineering problems.
  • Lead to successful career in government or private sector industry and/or pursue advance degree.
  • Contribute to society, growth of economy and country.

Core Subjects for diploma in information technology (DAE CIT)


Diploma in information technology

  • Analog and Digital Electronics
  • Computer Application Softwares
  • Operating systems
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • PC Systems Architecture
  • Data Communication and Networking
  • PC Systems and Peripherals Repair
  • Web Page Development and E-Commerce
  • Network Administration
  • Microprocessors and Assembly Language


Job Opportunities for diploma in information technology (DAE CIT)

  • Network Design and Administration
  • Data Communication
  • Database Administration
  • Application and Web Development Industry
  • IT Equipment Repair and Maintenance Industry
  • Software House
  • Data Centres
  • Call Centers
  • Networking
  • Server monitoring
  • Information management system handling and administration


Industry demand for diploma in information technology (DAE CIT)

There is an increasing demand and lack of human resources in one of the fastest growing sector which is information technology and software engineering in Pakistan. To accomplish these diplomas such as information technology or DAE CIT plays an important role. As these Undergraduate Diplomas carries much more weight when student applies for job. This results in on job training and specializations at very early stage of their career. In ordinary career route, to find a specialization in an area one has to wait several years.